We encourage all of our customers to suggest ways in which we can improve our eddy probe calibration system so that it will perform better for them.

Once the suggested upgrade has been perfected that upgrade is then given free to the customer who suggested said upgrade and all our customers who have purchased our system within the last year can purchase the upgrade for half price.

Adjustable X Axis Bearing


Customers often have to ship their eddy probe system to different work sites via various shipping companies and this sometimes caused the x axis bearing on the dynamic calibrator to loosen due to vibrations during shipping. This will result in the distance between the surface of the eddy probe and the surface of the wobble plate to be inconsistent as you adjust the vibration setting.


We made one of the x bearings adjustable while leaving the other x bearing fixed. Thereby the user can eliminate any bearing play by just turning a Philips screw located at the “u” shaped opening on the front of the dynamic calibrator as shown below. This upgrade is now standard on all units.


OPTION:  A MEANS TO Compare the Output of Two Separate Eddy Probes

A customer indicated a need to compare the output of two separate eddy probes on the dynamic calibrator at the same time. We therefore made the probe holder shown below. This option can be purchased for $65.00.

Upgrade 2