Compare to Bently Nevada TK3- 2

Before you buy or rent a probe system calibrator for use on eddy current, proximity and/or non-contact probe systems, we thought you might like to first see how a neutral party compares our Model 6200PSC-DI Calibrator to the Bently Nevada TK3-2, (often referred to as the, TK3, TK3-2 or the Bently Nevada Wobulator).


  • Rechargeable Battery Operation
  • Magnetic Base on both Static & Dynamic Calibrators
  • Digital indication of vibration simulator speed
  • Superior Probe grippers with up to ¾” holding capacity
  • Right side probe holder for comparing two probes simultaneously
  • ELECTRICAL & MECHANICAL RUNOUT eliminated from Static Calibrator measurements.
  • Protection from shipping/handling damage added to both Static & Dynamic units
  • Digital Indication of spindle speed
  • Wide range probe chuck
  • Optional Adjustable Vibration Simulation wheel with 0 – 60 mil range or fixed in either 1-20 mils or 2-40 mils vibration simulation ranges.

Bently NevadaTK3- 2

  • Requires Power Cord
  • Bulky unit, need to balance at job site
  • 10 mil PK-PK range
  • No Indication of speed
  • Requires collets

When Bob Lake, Sr. Maintenance Specialist – I&C at Florida Power and Light was asked why he purchased our calibrator instead of the competition, he replied as follows:

Here’s what sold me on the Gilchrist-Pearson 6200PSC-DI. Normally these units are used in the field and you are limited in where you can setup the test equipment based on how much slack you have in the probe cable. The magnetic mount and battery operation of the 6200PSC-DI alone is enough to make it the clear winner. The added features and the 4X range are just icing on the cake. All for the same price.

-Bob Lake, Sr

Dynamic probe tester

The Model 6200PSC-DI sells for $3,740

The Model 6200PSC-DI Sales Price: $3,740

The Model 6200PSC-AVS Sales Price: $4,035

FOB Redondo Beach,CA

Delivery 1-2 weeks ARO

“wobulator” is a registered trade mark of GE, Bently Nevada