Model 6200-PSC High Precision Dynamic Calibrator

Watch video below to see 7 unique features that are only available on the Gilchrist-Pearson Technology Dynamic Calibrator.

7 Unique Features: Battery Operation, Tachometer Included, Magnetic Mounting, Adjustable Probe Grippers, 1 to 40 Mill Vibration Range, Adjustable X Bearings, Second Key Phasor Mounting

No Collets Required

The universal probe jaws grips all Prox. Probes from .197″ to .750″ diameters (5 mm to 19.05 mm)

Proximity probe

Proximity Probe

Proximity probe held in static probe tester magnetically attached to steel pipe.

Stand-Alone Tachometer

Setting the correct speed takes just seconds using the stand-alone tachometer included with the Dynamic Unit.

Model 6200-PSC High Precision Dynamic Calibrator

Calibrate eddy current, proximity and non-contact probe systems with greater accuracy in less time and with less hassle!

Advanced Features of the Model 6200PSC -DI Eddy Probe Test System

Target Material

Target material is 1.5″ to handle up to 13MM proximity probes.

Dual Probe Grippers

Probe grippers on both the Dynamic and Static calibrators so that they can be used at the same time by different persons

No Collets Required

The universal probe jaws grips all Prox. Probes from .197″ to .750″ diameters (5 mm to 19.05 mm).

No Line Power Needed

Operates from internal battery up to 10+ Hours before needing recharging.

Variable Speed with Handheld Tachometer

Lets you match the precise Proximity Probe Test speed to actual operations up to 6,500 RPM. The Tachometer let’s you set the correct speed easily and quickly without needing to hook up a key-phase probe.

Magnetically Mountable

Both the Static and Dynamic Proximity Probe Test units will stick on any steel surface, either vertically or horizontally. Both the Dynamic and Static units come with a built-in magnetic holder that is turned on/off by just the turn of a knob.

Light Weight

The entire Dynamic Proximity Probe Test System weighs just 13 lbs.

  • Protective Carrying Case Included
  • Battery Charger Included
  • No Tools Required
6200PSC-DI including both Dynamic and Static Calibrators
Price $3,740
6200PSC-DI Data Sheet   
6200PSC Dynamic Calibrator only.
Price $2,770
6200PSC DataSheet
6200PSC-AVS includes both Dynamic and Static Calibrators PLUS Adjustable Vibration Simulator Wheel along with accessories.
Price $4,035
6200PSC-AVS Data Sheet
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Complete System 6200PSC-DI Includes

  • Dynamic Test Unit
  • Static Unit with NIST Certified Digital Micrometer. INCH & METRIC Display
  • Handheld Tachometer
  • Built in Magnetic mounts on both Dynamic and Static units.
  • Protective Carrying Case
  • Battery Charger
  • 5 year limited warranty see Terms and Conditions for complete warranty.

Available Options

Adjustable Vibration Simulator Wheel + Accessories – $295.00

Second Probe holder for testing the output of two probes at the same time – $65.00

Dial Indicator for setting and verifying Peak to Peak settings.

Optional Adjustable Vibration Simulator (AVS) for 6200-PSC Dynamic Calibrator

High Precision Model 6200-PSC Dynamic Calibrator


When the Eddy Probe is held in our grippers, the probe is automatically centered on the Target Material in both Vertical & Horizontal direction.

Battery Operation with Charger

Operates for up to 10+ hours before needing re-charging. A charger is included that will work off of either a 110 or a 220 voltage source.

Charger automatically shuts down when battery is fully charged so you can leave it plugged in over-night.

The only way in which you can damage the battery is discharge it completely and then leave it in said condition for many months.

Tachometer Included

The handheld battery powered Tachometer lets you easily and quickly set the rotational speed of the target material from 50 rpm up to 6,500 rpm.

This lets you test the Probe at the same speed as in actual use.

Rotate the knob at the right of the Tachometer to adjust speed. Clockwise to increase speed and counter-clockwise to reduce speed.

You no longer need to use a Key-Phasor probe combined with a voltage meter to calculate the rotational speed.

Magnetic Mounting


Magnetic mounting with 130 lbs holding force lets you place the Dynamic Calibrator on any steel object conveniently located near the work place. The above photo shows how the Dynamic Calibrator, weighing 13 lbs. can even be clamped on a round pipe.

You no longer have to kneel down and work on the floor.

Adjustable Probe Grippers

Dynamic calibrator

Adjustable probe grippers will grip any probe diameter from 5 mm to 19 mm (.197” to .750”) while also centering the probe relative to the Target Material.

At Gilchrist-Pearson Technology we believe that:


Second Probe Holder


Second key phasor lets you compare two separate probes at the same time. This probe holder is held in place by a magnet and both probes are aligned on a common center line. This item is offered as an option costing $65.00

The probe holder is small enough to fit within the Protective carrying case so you will always have it when needed.

Over time we have learned that rough handling plus vibration encountered during shipping the calibrator from one location to another, will cause bearing and fasteners to loosen over time. For that reason we have incorporated an ADJUSTABLE bearing on one side of our Probe Holder module.

Thereby, as the bearing alignment loosens over time & wear, the operator can adjust out this bearing play, by inserting a Phillips head screw driver into the “U” shaped slot on the front side of the base frame, and then push inwards until it aligns with the Phillips Head screw located about an inch from the front wall. Then, turn the screw driver in the clock wise direction until the screw is snug, and all bearing play has been removed. This is now a standard feature on all of our Dynamic Calibrators

Protective Carrying Case

Protective Carrying case is included. This holds both the Dynamic and Static Calibrators, Battery Charger and Operating Instructions. Also offers great protection from handling damage during shipping or storage.

At Gilchrist-Pearson Technology we are always striving to make our equipment do a better job for our customers. Therefore we welcome all suggestions from our customers as to how we can make the Dynamic and Static Calibrators work better for the users.