Adjustable Vibration Simulation Wheel

ADJUSTABLE VIBRATION SIMULATION WHEEL was developed because users of our equipment told us they needed more vibration simulation range than the 2 to 10 mils provided on the Bently Nevada calibrator.

When we made the top range higher we found that it also brought the lower range up higher. Also a fixed vibration range with a less than one mil lower range kept us from being able to provide the higher ranges that our customers needed. Therefore, the best solution FOR ALL USERS was to make our Vibration Simulator Plate ADJUSTABLE. However, that required the addition of a means to measure said vibration range and a tool to help the operator make the required adjustment.

For more information and a video demo of the ADJUSTABLE VIBRATION SIMULATION WHEEL, go to the DYNAMIC CALIBRATOR section of this web site. If you have any questions, or would like to discuss your specific needs, please Contact us by phone at 310-923-0861 or e-mail us at:

Watch Video Demonstration of Adjustable Vibration Simulator

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